Tomas H. Hara


Photography for me is all about how to catch the reality you see. How you see the world, how photogenic you feel your life depends absolutely on yourself.
The camera is a tool to record how you live your reality.

Tomas H. Hara | Biography
1987 born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 graduated from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Bachelor in Business and Economics
2011 moved to Tokyo, Japan
Today based in Tokyo

Main camera
-Ricoh GR III
-Nikon Df

Recognition and Exhibitions
東京カメラ部2016写真展-Instagram部門- / Tokyo Camera Club 2016 Photo Exhibition-Instagram Category-
-EINSTEIN Studio, TOKYO / JAPAN May - December 2016
-御苗場 Vol.19 関西 / Onaeba Vol.19 Kansai -GR_meet_Japan-

-東京カメラ部2017写真展-Instagram部門- / Tokyo Camera Club 2017 Photo Exhibition-Instagram Category-
-EINSTEIN Studio, TOKYO / JAPAN January - April 2017
-Bergger Official -A shot with Pancro400- June competition winner

-御苗場 2018 / Onaeba 2018 -Uroboros-

  • レビュアー賞受賞「エモン・フォトギャラリー ディレクター 小松整司 氏推薦/ Reviewer Prize winner

  • 「作家応援プロジェクト」御苗場2018(関東)ファイナリスト / Onaeba Project 2018 Finalist

-東京カメラ部2018写真展-Instagram部門- / Tokyo Camera Club 2018 Photo Exhibition-Instagram Category-
A.W.P Selection 2018-次世代を担う写真家たち-
-8th EMON Award Finalist