Prints ordering

 All works displayed on this website and my SNS accounts are available for purchase (excluding Portraits gallery works).
当サイト及びSNSに掲載されている作品のプリントをご購入いただけます (Portraitsギャラリーの作品は除く)。

Order option / 注文オプション


■Simple Print / シンプルプリント:
Printed by professional top quality Japanese printing studio. Prints are checked and signed by me before shipping to your hands.
Prints also include edition number to ensure the value of your purchase (excluding open edition orders).
日本国内で最高品質を誇る印刷工房でプリントを仕上げてもらっています。お手元に配送する前に一枚ずつチェックし、サインをします。ご購入いただいたプリントの価値を保証するためにエディション管理番号も表記されます (オープンエディションは除く)。


■Framed Print / 額装プリント:
Prints are completed when becoming part of our lives. For that, you can get ready to hang option taking prints to maximum level of display. Matting and frames are preselected by me, so all you need to do is only think of which part of your room to decorate.


Prices differ between series, size and edition. Please take pricing list below as reference. ※ Shipping cost not included
価格はシリーズ、サイズ、エディションにより異なるため、下記リストをご参考ください。 ※ 送料別途

■Street snap series (gallery)
A4 size Simple Print: JPY 4,500 / Framed Print: JPY 24,500 (open edition)
A3 size Simple Print: JPY 6,500-11,000 / Framed Print: JPY 36,500-41,000 (limited edition: 7)
A2 size Simple Print: JPY 8,000-14,000 / Framed Print: JPY 53,000-59,000 (limited edition: 5)

■Conceptual series (gallery)
A4 size Simple Print: JPY 5,000-9,500 / Framed Print: JPY 25,500-29,500 (limited edition: 9)
A3 size Simple Print: JPY 40,000-65,000 / Framed Print: JPY 70,000-95,000 (limited edition: 7)
A2 size Simple Print: JPY 60,000-100,000 / Framed Print: JPY 105,000-145,000 (limited edition: 5)