Note book

写真を撮る理由 - Why I do photography




What is the reason of taking photographs. Generally speaking reasons are multiple, such as getting empathy from others, make a living, expressing ones own style. Anyone doing photography has his/her own reason, and I don’t have yet my own conclusion.
However, there is one clear thing about what I pursuit with doing photography. Confirming my own existence.

Every single photograph exists because of the person who took it, and belonging to the same coin, every photographer can confirm own existence through his/her photographs. The more the photographs are perceived, the deeper the relation becomes, and stronger own existence is felt. I would say, that this logic and feeling is in every type of artist, not only photographers but musicians, actors, painters, etc. Anyone willing to create and share something with the world.

The reason of doing photography for me is, perhaps very simply, to let myself and my photographs exist.