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GRとの出逢い - How I met the GR






  • プライベート時、通勤時、TPO問わず持ち歩けるサイズ/デザイン

  • 瞬時に撮影体制を整えられる機動性

  • 独自の世界観づくりを追求できる表現機能(エフェクト)


2015年6月19日、東京が湿気の膜に包まれる日に、Ricoh GRというカメラを購入しました。
(ちなみに、検討中のベンチマークとしてニコンのCoolpix Aと比較していました)


Recently, my surrounding associates me with the Ricoh GR, which is fine , and I'm proud of that.

I'm pretty sure that writing about this camera will become really long. Therefore, for this post I will reserve myself to write only about how did I get to take the GR as my selected gear, and keep other topics for future notes.

-In pursuit of the best snap machine-

I call myself a GRist, but to be honest I'm not an old friend of it. The first time I bought a Ricoh GR was during the rainy season in 2015, Japan. Till then, I was shooting street snaps with an Olympus micro 4/3 MILC. (interesting fact, I was mainly using a 24mm lens which means that I keep my preference to short focal length shooting)

Nothing bad with the Olympus and I will write about it separately, but for me cameras are tools, and tools need to be adapted to each purpose. Said that, I targeted to get a new gear that fulfills my following requirements:

  • Easy to carry size and design not affected by TPO

  • Immediate response and readiness to shoot when required 

  • Opens possibility to get unreplicable photography 

Long story short, a machine born for street snap.

This is how I got my first Ricoh GR, on a rainy day in Tokyo, 19th June, 2015.

I close this note with the very first snap I shot with the Ricoh GR right after leaving the store.

GRで撮った最初の一枚 First shot with the Ricoh GR. In Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.

First shot with the Ricoh GR. In Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.