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最初のカメラ - My first camera



最初に手にしたカメラ、すなわち初めて「このカメラは自分のものだ」と言えたのが、父から譲り受けたOlympusL-10 Superという機種です。

Olympus L-10 Super

Olympus L-10 Super


2011年、ヨーロッパへ家族旅行に行った時にこのOlympusで撮った写真を最後に載せておきます(フィルムはKodak 100 T-Maxを使用)。

My first camera, the first camera I owned, the first camera I bought myself.
I always wanted to write somewhere something about "my first camera", but having too many things to say, I decided to write different memories separated in their own chapters. The first chapter is for "the first camera I owned".

Photography has been a hobby for three generations in my family, inherited from grand father to father and me. Cameras were always there at home, and I'm lucky of that. 

My first camera was an Olympus L-10 Super, given from my father.

Olympus L-10 Super

Olympus L-10 Super

To be honest I have never been a geek about camera specs so I cannot explain this gear in detail, but the basics of the camera are as follows: Film compact SLR, with fixed AF lens of focal length 28mm (yes!) -110mm, f/4.5-5.6. Not a wow lens at all, but fine enough for a starting guy. And a particular point I liked of this gear is that it allows you change to panorama mode with one simple switch even in the middle of the roll. I remember having used this panorama during many of past family trips.

I'm not using this Olympus much recently, but it will definitely be kept in my crew.
Please enjoy some pictures I took with it during a family trip around Europe in 2011 (used film, Kodak 100 T-Max).