Note book

座右の銘 - My Motto




I started writing these notes in order to organize my thought about photography, so what I’m waiting for writing my motto. I know I still have a lot to experience, therefore my thoughts may change, but I want to leave a record about my motto today.

Photography is about reality, and reality is in the streets.

I like it. Not because my main field is street photography, but including any kind of genre, “reality” is always a key element that I keep in mind. Not only during the shooting process, but after too. Of course I don’t want to deny anyone with other values and enjoying photography differently, but too manipulated photos are incompatible with me. If any good quality work is resulting from manipulation, that’s not photography but a another fine art piece. If I had the time to manipulate any work, I would prefer to go out and take as many pictures as I could. “Reality is in the streets” is my action principle.

Appendix note: Photography in Japanese is written by combining two characters [写] and [真] which means [copy/reproduce] and [reality] respectively.

(Note cover image shot in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan)